Power Station for Oil Field

Power Station for Oil Field Special Application: Possess the silent soundproof generator's all advantage Purpose built special silent canopy suitable for oil field conditions Externality dimension according with standard container, easy to swing, transport, using Optional unit protection with minimum size Fluid containment design for greater environmental protection Sound attenuated to minimize impact on site environment Vertical cooling air and engine exhaust path to minimize sound level adjacent to the container Equipped with 220VAC or 24VDC lighting. Air Ride suspension equipped for the softest ride in the industry 6 hours base tank keep all spillages contained inside enclosure avoiding external site Extreme weather environment under winter cold,summer hot, desert sand. Single set for 400kW prime output with synchronization function multi sets paralleling together based on site load demand.…


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Guangdong Superwatt Power Equipment Co., Ltd

SWT-Superwatt Power Group, the pioneer of power equipment manufacturer in China, was establishe…

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