Household Power Supply with Solar PV and Batetry Storage System

Provide lithium energy storage system for household,  industrial and commercial users Provide solutions for clean energy applications Core values: Professionalism, sharing, innovation, responsibility Company vision: Commit to clean, safe, intelligent green energy solutions!  Strive to become a leading green energy grid provider! Reliable products: Self-built battery analysis and testing / energy storage safety and  reliability laboratory; All energy storage systems are manufactured using CATL LFP cells;


Power Station for Oil Field
Euro 4 Gas Engine SCR Catalytic
Oil Immersed Power Transformer Station
Low Voltage Distribution
Auto Synchronization Parallel Panel
Marine Generator by CCS
Cummins Diesel Power Plant
Diesel Power Plant  Powered by CRRC
K Series 12000W Lighting Tower
T Series 6000W Lighting Tower
600W Solar Lighting Tower
Perkins High Voltage Generator

Guangdong Superwatt Power Equipment Co., Ltd

SWT-Superwatt Power Group, the pioneer of power equipment manufacturer in China, was establishe…

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