Zhengzhou Chorus Lubricant Additive Co.,Ltd.

Who We Are: Zhengzhou Chorus Lubricant Additive Co., Ltd is a professional Lubricant Additive manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service, with more than 10 years of experience. We are focusing on various Lubricant Additive Component & Additive Package, as well as Metal Working Fluid, component include Pour Point Depressant, Viscosity Index Improver, Antiwear/EP Additive, Antioxidant, Rust Preventative, Detergent, Ashless Dispersant, etc., Additive Package products widely cover the Vehicles & Industrial applications for PCMO, HDEO, 4T/2T Motor, Hydraulic, Gear, etc. In Addition, we have a lot of data to support (physical & chemical, simulation test, more than 80million kms field test). These approved reliable additives can ensure the production of high quality finished lubricant. The products are exported to nearly 40 countries and regions in the world, also enjoy a good reputation in the international market with the satisfied service and high-quality…

Pour Point Depressant Rust Preventative Anti-rust Additive Air Compressor Oil Additive Package Natural Gas Engine Oil Additive Package Base Oil For Gear Oil 4T Motorcycle Oil Additive Package Diester Base Oil Calcium Alkyl Salicylate Gear Oil Additive Package Trimethylolpropane Ester Base Oil Water Soluble Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid Water Soluble Semi Synthetic Cutting Fluid Organic Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Package Magnesium Sulfonate Gasoline Detergent For Cars TBN Booster Calcium Sulfonate

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