Liquid form alkaline pectinase for bioscouring

Conzyme SPA-5 is a liquid form alkaline pectinase preparation. It is specially developed for bioscouring process of knitted natural cellulosic fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp and blend. It removes pectin and other impurities from cotton fibers without any degradation of the cellulose, soften and eliminate cotton seed to optimize dyeing performance. Specification Appearance: Liquid Color: Brown Odor: Slight fermentation odor Solubility: Soluble in water CAS NO.: 9032-75-1 Benefit Conzyme SPA-5 is a perfect substitution to the traditional process of dyeing and finishing. It can replace the caustic soda, bleaching stabilizer and other harsh chemicals, and Simplify the production process, effectively shorten the processing hours. Decrease the TDS.COD.BOD index in waste water.  Improve handfeel and softness of fibers No cellulose fibre damage and decrease the weight loss of the fibers Water and energy saving Environmental friendly without extensive use of hars…


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