KUNLUN#64 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

What are the differences between semi-refined paraffin waxes and fully refined paraffin waxes? The primary purpose of wax is to manufacture candles. It’s melting point is ideal for various reasons. A low melting point is perfect for the cold season while the high melting point is perfect for the warm season. The primary difference between semi-refined wax and fully refined wax is oil content. For instance, fully refined paraffin wax comes has oil content that is below 0.8% while that of semi reined paraffin is below 1.8%. Domestic candle makers utilize semi-refined wax as the ram materials, and fully refined paraffin is used to manufacture candles for local exports to the global market. Manufacturer:The Branch of Fushun Petrochemical Company     Product Model:# 64 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax                           Brand: Kunlun           &nbs…


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