Dymatic Chemicals, Inc.

DYMATIC Chemicals, Inc. is a leading company dedicated to producing textile auxiliaries and other fine chemicals in China. Founded in 1989, the company operates more than 10 locations across China. The company has full capacities of product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and technical support. The company was certified as "National Enterprise Technology Center" by the government and acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications through the British Standards Institution(BSI). The company established an industrial postdoctoral workstation to enhance fundamental research in textile chemicals. The stock of "DYMATIC Chemicals"(002054) initial public offered in July 2006. Because of its friendly corporate culture and unique business process, DYMATIC operates through a cooperative platform with tis customers, employees, suppliers and related corporations. The company always sustains its core competence of "the integration of market pull and technical push". Innovation is DYM…

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