Z Flashing PVC Moulding

Features Resists termite and fungal attack UV stabilised Gives a straight trowel edge for professional results Can be painted or rendered with both cement based and acrylic render products Can be used in a variety of ways to provide a moisture resistant horizontal joint of two types of sheet products A Z shape PVC extrusion for use with fibre cement weatherboards, and recessed edge fibre cement sheet to provide an alternative detail option at horizontal control joints where a horizontal moisture-resistant join is required between two types of finish. Secifications Material: PVC Size: 46 * 11mm Lenght: Customerized


PVC 20mm Conduit Coupling
25mm Adaptor With Lock Ring
20mm 3-Way T-Shaped Conduit Junction Box
24*14mm PVC conduit pipe cover
20mm PVC Wiring Rigid Conduit
4.5mm Building Moulding External Angle
38 x 6mm Building Moulding Cover Trim
4.5mm Building Moulding Capping
16mm Building Moulding U Mould
25*25mm Angle Building Moulding
PVC Building Moulding Division
PVC Extrusion Moulding Starter Strip


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