Red Sorghum Rice

Sorghum rice is rich in tannins and some pickled acid cholines, which are all natural medicinal ingredients. They have obvious anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, can inhibit the activity of sensitive bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the human body, and can make the inflammation in the human body subside. , It has a good preventive effect on the high incidence of gastroenteritis and pharyngitis in humans. Magnesium in the human body plays a role in protecting the cardiovascular system, and there is a certain amount of magnesium in sorghum rice, which can regulate the dissolution of fibrin and myocardial activity in the human body, thereby protecting the cardiovascular system. Sorghum rice is rich in calcium, which can help the development of human bones, especially for children who are growing up. Eating more sorghum rice has a certain role in strengthening teeth and bones. Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on buildi…


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