Perforated Conductive Slip Ring Customization

Perforated Conductive Slip Ring Customization The slip rings we produce can be customized according to customer's supply requirements. Quality is the core of a product, and each of our products undergoes strict testing before leaving the factory. The products we cast are safe and secure. The shell is made of high-quality materials, streamlined design, beautiful appearance, rust and corrosion resistance, and stable performance. Oubaibo has been committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality slip rings for many years. We are a well-known professional manufacturer of slip rings, such as through bore slip ring, slip ring connector, ethernet slip ring, conductive slip ring, fiber slip ring, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more details.  In order to ensure the quality of the products, the company has a number of professional engineers, quick response to product design and customization, more than dozens o…


High Quality Conductive Slip Ring Rotating Slip Ring
Standard Conductive Slip Ring Perforated Conductive Ring
Hollow Shaft Conductive Slip Ring Standard Slip Ring
Through Hole Slip Ring for Surveillance Camera
Big Bore Slip Rings Through Bore Slipring
Through Bore Slip Ring Electrical Rotary Connector
Through-bore Slip Rings Wholesale Custom
Custom Through-bore Slip Ring
Hollow Shaft 360 Rotating Through-bore Slip Ring
Conductive Waterproof Slip Ring
Through Hole Conductive Slip Ring
Standard Through Hole Slip Ring for Textile Machinery

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