NMD90 electric round cable

Features LAIFUDA®  NMD90 is manufactured using oxygen free copper conductor with low temperature, moisture resisting PVC wich nylon covering. 90°C rated PVC insulation with a nylon jacket for the individual conductors; a PVC jacket surrounds the overall construction Minimum recommended installation temperature is minus 25°C for two-conductor cables and minus 10°C for three-conductor cables. Should be properly stored above 0°C for 24 hours prior to installation. The maximum allowable conductor temperature is 90°C. Maximum voltage rating for all intended applications is 300V. Conductor 14AWG Thru 2000Kcmil solid or stranded  Isulation/Covering PVC with Nylon type T90 Color coding Black, White, Red, yellow and other costomerize Bonding Conductor(Ground) One(1) base solid/stranded copper/aluminum conductor Jacket: PVC Application…


20mm Conduit Coupling
25mm Adaptor With Lock Ring
20mm 3-Way T-Shaped Conduit Junction Box
24*14mm PVC conduit pipe cover
20mm rigid conduit
4.5mm Building Moulding External Angle
38 x 6mm Building Moulding Cover Trim
4.5mm Building Moulding Capping
16mm Building Moulding U Mould
Angle Building Moulding
Building Moulding Division
Z Flashing PVC Moulding


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