Customizable stator rotor core

ROTOR CORE Rotor core stacking process is similar to the stator core stacking. Most motor rotor fabrication does not need welding techniques. After the rotor laminations are stacked, copper or aluminum circuits or permanent magnets will be embedded according to the design requirements. We are able to provide all types of rotor assembly for medium-to-high voltage motors and generators.  If the rotor is skewed design, the mandrel must have a corresponding key. Just like the stacking of the stator, the rotor lamination cannot deviate when it is pressed by the hydraulic press, otherwise the actual size of the rotor slot will change less than the design size, which will make the magnet or conductor bars inserting more difficult. The punching steps of stacking riveting are all completed on the blanking station of stator and rotor. The main parts of the progressive die, the punch and the concave die, are made of cemented c…


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