EPP Thermal Pharmaceutical Transport Box

An exciting innovation in temperature-controlled high-performance packaging to secure temperature condition. The packaging is based on VIP (vacuum insulated panels) & PCM (phase change material) packaging technology and available for selected sectors. We customise the cool box based on customer specific need including VIPs specification, phase material selection, outer skins customization and loggers. All the details will be taken care and satsify individual requirement.  We will customize this simple temperature-controlled packaging guide covering everything from cold chain compliance to what phase change material you will need to keep your payload at the right temperature throughout its journey Outer Packaging Ensuring your packaging has a rigid outer that can sustain long international journeys without losing its shape due to impact or weather exposure is key to keeping your payload at its intended temperature. Typically, temperature-controlled p…


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Nantong Ecotherm Insulations Co., Ltd

Nantong Ecotherm Insulations Co., Ltd.( Referred to " Ecotherm") started in 2018. As a…

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