Chill Storage Encased Insulation VIP

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are generally composed by silica powder, a core material of polyurthane foams or glass/mineral fibres, and a sealed barrier envelope in which a certain vacuum degree (generally between 0.1 and 10 mbar) is created. One of the most common materials used as VIPs core is represented by nanoporous silica materials. This family of materials includes fumed silica, precipitated silica and granular aerogel. Fumed Silica (FS) has his largest pore size of ~ 300 nm that is in the same order of magnitude of the mean free path of the air molecule at ambient temperature and pressure. For this reason, the gas conduction λg is drastically reduced even at atmospheric pressure.  Moreover, since opacifier (silicon carbide powder, or titanium dioxide) contribute to reduce the radiative heat transfer, a total thermal conductivity in the range 0.019 - 0.020 W/mK can be reached (lower than the conductivity of dry air ~ 0.025 W/mK). Vactherm fumed si…


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