Black Sesame Seeds

 Black sesame is rich in calcium required for the normal operation of the human body, especially rich in potassium. Regular consumption of black sesame can prevent the formation of high blood pressure symptoms. The fat and protein it contains can lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and there is also a lot of vitamin e that can resist oxidation and beauty.Fry the black sesame seeds and grind them up, eat a small spoonful every day before meals and chew them dry. Persistence for a long time can not only invigorate the kidneys, but also prevent osteoporosis.The trace elements such as calcium, potassium, and vitamins contained in black sesame are very high, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, and the sesame oil contained in it also has a good anti-inflammatory effect, so black sesame is very popular. It is a good spice in our daily life. Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green ba…


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