Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., a national-level high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, pilot testing and industrialization, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan. The company's lithium fluorocarbon battery project is listed as a major construction project in Shandong Province in 2020 , Innovatively developed high specific energy lithium carbon fluoride batteries and their key materials, and took the lead in realizing large-scale mass production of carbon fluoride cathode materials in China. The main products are lithium fluorinated carbon (BR) batteries, special functional fluorocarbon materials (fluorinated graphite, fluorinated graphene series materials); graphite and graphene derived materials, fluorine-containing series electronic materials; boron-11 series materials used in the process , Boron-10 neutron absorbing materials and other stable isotope materials. Products are widely used in strategic emerging industries such as VLSI chips, new energy b…

Thermal Battery Materials Boron Stable Isotope Fluorinated Medical Reagents Semiconductor/Wafer Etching Materials Nuclear Power Safety Materials Special Functional Fluorocarbon Materials

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